Have you had the same living room colour for years and want a change? Changing up your living room colours can have a real effect on the feel of your home and can make you feel happier while spending time there.

Every home is different and the colours you decide on should depend on the size and shape of your space. Adding a new colour is a great way to change up and improve your living room, it will make your place feel new and exciting. Changing colours in your home can be scary, you may feel that you will not like the change, but we have got the best new living room colour ideas to share with you that will be sure to look great!

Homely and Warm Plum Tones

As Autumn is truly here, what better way to enjoy the heat inside and relax then to coat your walls with a warm and homely plum colour? The best way to use darker colours in your living room is to create an accent wall with the darker colour and fill the surrounding space with lighter furniture; beige pairs particularly well with plum like colours. Filtering objects with plum tones into your space will bring the look together for a relaxing ambience. Warm plum tones work best with larger living rooms as they can make a space feel more snug and compact. You could also keep your walls lighter and add plum coloured furniture, such as foot stools and blankets to add a homely ambience without an accent wall.

Mustard Paired with Beige

A trending colour for homes recently has been a mustard colour, it can look beautiful if used correctly. A mustard colour in your living room can make it feel bright and positive but should only be used in small amounts. Just like darker tones, a mustard colour looks great for an accent wall paired with beige and wooden furniture. The beige and mustard tones paired together creates a harmonious and relaxing look for your living room. A mustard accent wall should be paired with bright and light colours such as white walls and white or grey sofas otherwise too many harsh colours could be hard on the eyes. A mustard colour for your living room will look great at any time of the year!

Navy and Gold for a Luxurious Look

Navy is another popular colour that many people have in their living rooms and can add a calming and warm ambience to your home. Navy walls can look good with a range of colours but navy and gold is a trending colour scheme that will make your living room look modern and luxurious. Navy and gold can be used together through wallpaper and rugs, or a navy accent wall can also look great with gold accessories and paintings. Another way to use navy and gold in your living room is to have navy and white paired together for the main living room colours and add small hints of gold through objects such as ornaments and clocks. Navy should be the main colour in the living room with gold as the accent colour.

Light and Relaxing Beige

Coming away from the darker colours, lighter colours work perfectly in a smaller space. Beige is the ideal colour if you want a light and airy space but do not want it to look too plain with white or cream tones. Beige walls can look great with most accent colours but similar tones of beiges grouped together in a living room can create a coordinated and peaceful look. Beige makes an easy colour scheme to work with as it looks perfect with wooden or white furniture and any accessory colour. A beige coloured living room will be sure to impress and have you feeling relaxed at the end of a busy day.

When working with colours on your walls and in your home, it is important to match correctly. A colour wheel can show you the relationship between colours and help you see which colours work well together and which colours do not. It is a great idea to find colour schemes that look good in a space similar in size and shape to yours so that you can create a look that is truly good for your living room.

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