House renovation and property improvements are carried out on a huge number of buildings throughout Ireland. House renovations allow you to place your own mark on a property and turn a building previously owned by others into a home personalised to you.

House renovations must be planned out carefully in order to save time and money; the most important thing to remember with any renovation project is that it is common for surprises to pop up that could increase costs and the time spent on renovation.

This means you should make sure you plan well ahead for anything that could happen unexpectedly. Another crucial factor when planning for a house renovation is to decide on a building company that is reputable, pay attention to detail, have experienced tradesmen and will listen to you to get your job done in a timely and professional manner. ASPS can do just that; we offer a range of home renovation services in Ireland with a team of workmen that have years of experience. We can complete your renovation on time and within your budget to an exceptional standard.

Costs of Renovation Work for Property in Ireland

The costs of renovation work for property in Ireland depend on a range of factors such as how much work the property needs, the location of the property, materials you would like and the interior design. Your budget should make room for anything unexpected that arises during construction and renovation. It is an extremely wise idea to contract a surveyor to assess your property before you begin refurbishment so that you can get an idea of any concerns or structural issues that could affect the time and money spent on the project.

A home renovation in Ireland could cost anything between €20,000 to €200,000, depending on what you would like. ASPS will make sure we work within your budget and timescale to deliver an experience as seamless as possible. Our builders and designers will bring your vision to life, no matter how much work is required on your property.

Home Renovation from Single Rooms to Whole Properties

A renovation doesn’t have to be carried out on entire property. You may just want to renovate one or two rooms within your house. ASPS can help you whether you require an entire house renovation or construction for just one room or floor.

We will conduct a thorough review of your requirements and provide you with a detailed proposal that includes realistic timescales and a competitive quote. ASPS is a company that you can rely on, no matter how big the job. We can provide builders and designers for kitchen, bathroom, garden and decking, extensions or complete property refurbishment in and around Dublin, Ireland.

Many homeowners approach us at ASPS for home improvements such as kitchen renovations. Our builders can work on your kitchen project in Ireland and help to design and build the kitchen of your dreams.

Our clients also request bathroom renovations which our experienced builders can carry out in a timely and professional manner. Renovating the kitchen and bathrooms in a property can be a great choice, as these two rooms will add the most value to your property. Our tradesmen are highly experienced and will work with you throughout the renovation process to ensure you are happy.

Preparing for Your Home Renovation Project

Preparing for your home renovation is crucial in order to allow a smooth project undertaken by a reputable and professional company, such as ASPS.

Some vital steps to begin your renovation project are to make sure the property you want to renovate has been offered at a fair price; you can do this by looking at buildings for sale around the area to find out if you are getting a bargain ready for a refurbishment project.

Secondly, ensure that you will be able to attain the required planning permission; whether you are looking for a company to expand the space with an extension, or want to construct an outbuilding, if you purchase a property without knowing whether you will be able to get planning permission there may be months or even years of time and effort added to your project.

Once you have purchased your property and have listed things that you would like to change or construct you can contact us at ASPS to help begin your dream home.

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